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Programs & Services

We are open Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am to noon with regular programming and special events. Some of our offerings are outside these regular operating hours. 
Discover ways you can get involved in your community, meet people, make some new friends, learn some new skills, and enrich your life.

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Experience Financial Literacy.png
Falls Flyer Kingsville May 2024 FINAL.jpg
Pollinator Week is (2).png
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New Program Physical Fitness & self defence with martial arts (2).png
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make dog toys (2).png
crafts with Karen.png
Westover PreTreatmentAfterCare Program If you or a family member are struggling with subst
Mindful Motion.png
we are closed.png
Kingsville Community Church GPAR Exercise Classes GPAR Canada would like to organize exerc
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Guitar Wellness.png
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