October 5, 2017


The Neighbour Helping Neighbour (NHN) program is designed to help people in the community to naturally look out for one another and provide support as helping neighbours. Created by the Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community, the NHN program has helped dozens of communities across Windsor-Essex to be mindful of others, to offer services, to support one another at no cost and in the process creating opportunities where people can count on their neighbours and friends for extra help. Together we are helping to ensure that the community wraps around people in distress and figures out how to help. Stop by and complete your registration to make a difference in your neighbours’ life.

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We are a Coalition of more than 300 champions and 100+ agencies and associations from education, health care, social services, municipal, cultural, faith, business, non-profit, volunteer and informal sectors. We cross all levels of government, with federal; provincial, regional, county, and municipal involvement and support. We represent the full human service continuum – including hospice, dementia, hospital, home and community care, long-term care homes, and physicians – as well as social services and education partners.


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