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Karen Taylor Edgerton

Holistic Nutritionist
is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), a graduate of the Candian School of Natural Nutrition. She began her pursuit of health and wellness in 2004 doing research due to personal ailments. A natural holistic approach and change in her eating habits led to ailments disappearing over time inspired her to help others.


This is why she decided to leave her career as a general machinist of nineteen years and pursue a new passion. She wants to help other people who, like she once did, feel hopeless about their health. Holistic nutrition focuses on eating whole organic foods full of key vitamins and minerals and getting to the root of health issues. By treating our body like a temple, through everyday lifestyle changes and a good mindset, we can become the best version of ourself.

Karen offers programs based on your unique lifestyle. She gathers details about you to be able to tailor the best plan for your success. Book an appointment with her today and start your journey towards your next stage of health. 

You can watch her Senior Health Hormone Series online.

Karen Taylor Edgerton R.H.N

(519) 712-9377

Taylor'd Holistic Nutrition
Olive Branch on Main

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